KITTEN Unisex Button #6012

Metal: 18ct gold plated Brass
Closing Mechanism: Fits in standard garment buttonhole.

This versatile button can be worn individually as a BUTTON or a pair as a CUFFLINK.
Can be worn by Men, Women and Kids.

A KITTEN represents transformation, change, purity, innocence, curiosity & selflessness.
It is a common Japanese talisman, which is believed to bring good luck to the owner.



  • All our jewelry is handcrafted and thus minor variations may occur.
  • Packaging: Each piece comes carefully packed.
  • For Design variations, Customization or Bulk orders, feel free to contact us.


Care Instructions:

  • Avoid moisture.
  • Don’t spray perfume directly on the jewelry.
  • Keep jewelry stored in pouch or box, if not wearing.

Single, Set of 2

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